Wednesday, March 11, 2009

40% off Michael's Coupons

There was a time when I subscribed to 3 newspapers. The beauty of having 3 newspapers was that it meant that I got triple the coupons. I would hurriedly flip through the ads on Sunday looking for the one coupon that mattered to me...the Michael's Coupon. Michael's coupons are also available on the internet, which makes it all that much easier to print out as many as you want. The fact that Michael's coupons are accepted by their competitors is a crafter's dream come true.

What I've noticed is that when items go on sale in the ad, they are at most 30% off of the regular price. This being said, if you have incredible self-control and patience you shouldn't buy their products when they're on sale. Rather, you should buy them when they're at their regular price but use your 40% off coupon. This way you can have ultimate savings.

$ Money Tip*: Michael's and other retail stores use their coupons to lure you in so that you'll buy more than just one item. Beware! Unless you're buying clearance items that are over 40% off don't put anything else into your basket/cart. If you really want to buy more than one item at a time because you have a project that requires it, then keep your eyes peeled during major holiday weekends. There will often be a 20-30% of your entire purchase coupon. (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day). Also, coupons are often printed onto your receipt so before you throw them away be sure to examine it first.

*Okay, so you may be thinking...but if I am constantly driving and back and forth from the craft store because I'm only allowed to buy one item at a time...this won't save me any money on gas! Ah, well this is where you can utilize any willing human being (sister, mother, child, boyfriend, husband) that you know who will accompany you to the store so that you can use more than one coupon at a time. If they're unwilling you can bribe them with ice cream...or something.

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  1. Husbands are wonderful for using two coupons in one trip :)